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Bridge Project: new serious games for dementia tested and ready to be launched

After testing sessions, that took place in all partner countries, Bridge Project consortium is pleased to announce the launch of 8 serious games acting on dementia symptoms. 

Serious games, also called “training games”, are a well known non pharmaceutical practice for treating cognitive symptoms of dementia through the stimulation of cognitive functions of patients with dementia. 

These games, have been designed, produced and tested through a series of workshops involving health professionals, young volunteers, people with dementia and their carers coming from Greece, Italy and Romania. The games created aim to stimulate cognitive functions and, at the same time, to increase social inclusion by an active involvement of people with dementia in the game sessions.

The 4 physical games, Blooming flowers, Specialites, Emotions and the Directors, are now available on Bridge Project website. Follow the link to download the rulebook and the all the game materials: https://projectbridge.eu/the-serious-game/

The 4 digital games, Find the word, Flea market, Next destination and Bird Watching, are now available for Android devices on Play store.

Follow the link to download: App Android di ECE Dev su Google Play.

All the games are available for free in English, Greek, Italian and Romanian. 

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