The coordinator of the Bridge project in Greece organised a 2days Workshop in May 2019 including various groups of people. 36 people in total took part in this event, 3 health professionals, 3 game designers, 3 caregivers, 13 older people and people with dementia and 14 young people as volunteers. They gave all of them a positive feedback not only for the well organised sessions, but also for this chance to collaborate with different people and to exchange ideas and feelings. The final results of this Workshop were 3 new games with the contribution of all.

On 29th and 30th May 2019 took place, in Elias Hospital, in Bucharest, the co-creation workshop organized by Asociatia Habilitas – CRFP in the framework of the Erasmus+ BRIDGE project. The participants – persons with dementia, carers, health professionals and young volunteers worked together for creating 5 new Serious games targeting the improvement of different cognitive areas.

Anziani e non solo organised in Carpi ( Italy ) a 1 day Workshop the 13rd of May 2019, and a follow up 2nd day workshop in Carpi the 21st of May, during the Caregiver Day”, an event organized by ANS and focusing on caregiving issues.
13 people took part to the 1st workshop: 8 health professionals, 2 game designers, 2 young volunteers, 1 carer. Participants have been divided into 3 groups and, first, started to play existing games. All participants took part
into the games, had fun in playing and challenging themselves and the other participants. The climate was relaxed and playful. During the workshop 3 concept ideas have been developed, 2 of physical games and 1 of digital games. 32 people attended the 2nd follow up meeting (during the caregiver day), 7 of them were carers of people with dementia. During the workshop has been presented the concept ideas developed during the 1st workshop and feedbacks was collected in order to re-design or improves them.

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